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Friday Feb 04, 2022

This week, Eleonora Brizi and Seth were able to sit with Tony Barnes of Hipgnosis Songs Fund and start to talk about how NFTs can be applied to distribution of music, how artists can expect to use NFTs to create enhanced experiences for their fans and their communities and begin to discuss how blockchain technology can help make sure royalties are actually paid to the artists for their work.
Mint Gold Dust  

Wednesday Jan 26, 2022

Eleonora Brizi was in Paris last weekend to attend the single day event NFT Paris.  She shares with us her takeaways (which were very positive) and her positive outlook on the coming year in the world of NFTs.
Mint Gold Dust presented work with Eleonora on screens at the event a photo can be found here.
In the podcast Eleonora speaks about John Karp a link to his work can be found here.

Thursday Jan 06, 2022

Sean Sullivan is a photographer, art director and curator.  He started the blog, THE IMPOSSIBLE COOL in 2006 and has seen the way the internet connects with digital photography change and morph over the years.  He gives his thoughts on the Mint Gold Dust podcast regarding NFT Photography, and how he sees it both as an archival tool as well as a new platform to connect directly with collectors.

Thursday Dec 23, 2021

Eleonora and Seth sit down and talk about the age of art we're in, where we can show art anywhere at any time, and how the coming digital advancements open this up wider for the experience of art.
We had some technical difficulties, around 10:45.  We started the conversation one week and finished it the next.
To introduce Eleonora in more depth here is her bio from her website
Eleonora Brizi is an art curator based in New York, Rome and Beijing. She graduated and specialized in contemporary Chinese art. In 2018 she started her new path dedicated to “art and technology” in New York. Before landing in the world of art and tech, she spent six years in Beijing, China, where she worked for four years as assistant to artist Ai Weiwei and two years as assistant and representative in China under the curator Jerome Sans. In New York, she studied blockchain technology and its application to art, especially its use in certifying and monetizing digital art pieces. She looked to open the discussion on attributing a “new” value to art and  spreading the doors to a new form of collecting. As an art curator and gallerist, she deals with and promotes digital art. These works are created through different means: from Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, to raw code, to virtual reality, to painted canvases and ink papers animated on the computer. She combines her knowledge of the art world with the need – of the art itself – of speaking the language of the time. The current dialogue is digital and technical. In China she started her career as an art curator. Working on independent projects gave her the chance of spending time cultivating her favorite activity: relationships with artists. Once in New York she became very active in the flourishing crypto creative community, promoting and participating in many projects.  She co-curated and published The Rarest Book; a book about Rare Pepe, the first ever project of digital art on the blockchain; she organized an art auction of digital art during the Rare Art Festival as well as conferences and panels on art and artificial intelligence and art on the blockchain. She then started the adventure of her “Breezy”.

Thursday Dec 16, 2021

Mint Gold Dust founder Kelly LeValley Hunt (@LeValleyKelly), Eleonora (@eleonorabrizi) and Hannah (@hdgulledge) all at down to debrief from their collective - at times overwhelming - but throughly enjoyable time at Art Basel in Miami.  The discussion floats along from how NFTs were represented at the fairs, to an imagined augmented reality nature walk for public art in the city of Miami as well as the idea of an alligator as a mode of transport - all covered in this round table discussion. 

Saturday Dec 11, 2021

As NFTs began to shape together into what they've become today, what came before that was a Bitcoin minted collection of what became called Rare Pepe's.
Theo Goodman (TWITTER) sits down to give an historical recount of how the Rare Pepe scientists came to be, how their process influence the process of how NFT projects come to be, and the importance of these micro experiments of self-governance that support the ideas of a decentralized system of society.

Sunday Dec 05, 2021

Augmented reality has the ability to connect the physical and the digital, facilitating the emergence of a new form of interaction and socialization.  Illust Space is an environment for viewing augmented reality NFTs, but that's just the superficial.  It goes somewhere else.  Listen along, it goes deep.
Seth (SINUOUS RILLS) & Eleonora (BREEZY ART) sat down with Tim and Rob, co-founders of ILLUST SPACE to talk about a geo-dropped art show at Art Basel in Miami featuring art minted on Mint Gold Dust's marketplace and displaying art from the vault of Whaleshark.
To experience Illust.Space's NFT platform, on your mobile phone use your browser to navigate to and use the map at the top right corner to find NFTs in your area. 

Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

PART 2. . . Curve, Seth and Eleonora!

Friday Nov 26, 2021

American artist CURVE TGE (@the_curvazoid) sat down with Eleonora Brizi ( and Seth (@sinuousrills) to discuss how graffiti as we know it today fits into cryptoart, digital art and the blockchain.  The phone discussion went on for a while, and so we offer this glimpse into this conversation in two parts.  This is Part 1.   
Our episode goes off in many directions, and discusses many ideas.  Graffiti artists are just beginning to understand and explore the possibilities blockchain has to offer this community.
We explore what graffiti means within the metaverse, and how graffiti will be preserved on, and also changed by, the blockchain.

Friday Nov 19, 2021

NFT.NYC was a spectacular occasion.  The noise in the background of this conversation is representative of the, at times chaotic, fervor and energy that powered this amazing conference, at the beginning of November.
Seth (@sinuousrills), producer and newcomer to working in the crypto space, sat down with Theo Goodman (@theog__) a gentleman who has been involved in crypto for many years.
Theo broke down his idea correlating The Rare Pepe to the Amen break, the roots of NFTs and the roots of sampled music, planting the seeds for more conversations on Rare Pepe in the blockchain community and understanding how we got to where we are today.
For more on the Amen Break, we found this video to be helpful and informative.  It is a video representation of an art installation, but gives an in depth view on this piece of music.

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